10 PowerPoint Features You Need to Know

March 3, 2023

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We know you are NOT a presentation designer. We know you ARE strapped for time. And we know you DO want your presentations to look better.

So here is a list of our top 10 PowerPoint features that are:

  1. Simple to master
  2. Help you build presentations faster
  3. Make your slides look epic

Let’s go.

1. The Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar allows you to create your own customised PowerPoint menu. You’ll save so much time by avoiding all the many drop down menus and going straight to the buttons you need.

2. The Selection Pane

The Selection Pane helps you speed up editing your slides.

It makes it so much easier for you to work with multiple objects on a slide.

You can use the EYE and LOCK icons on the right to hide or freeze certain elements.

3. The Remove Background Feature

The Remove Background enables you to remove the background from any image you have inserted into your slide deck.

PowerPoint Remove Background

4. The Morph Transition

The Morph transition creates a super slick animated motion between slides.

It’s a great tranistion to use if you want to move an audience through a complex process or graphic such as a company timeline for example.

PowerPoint Morph Transition

5. The Zoom Feature

The Zoom feature enables you to create fully interactive presentations with ease.

We like to call these ‘Conversational Presentations’.

You can use 3 different types of Zoom shown in the image opposite.

PowerPoint Zoom Feature

6. The Cameo Feature

The Cameo feature links to your web cam and places you directly on the slide alongside your content.

Using Cameo can really take your virtual presentations to the next level.

PowerPoint Cameo Feature

7. The Pexels Add-in

Use the Pexels Add-In and gain access to over 500,000 images directly inside PowerPoint.

Not only will you save a huge amount of time, your slides will look better than ever!

8. Convert to SmartArt

Use the Convert to SmartArt feature to make your bullet points look much more interesting.

You can chose from dozens of different layouts, and even add imagery to your bullet points.

Convert Bullet points

9. Crop to Shape

By cropping images into different shapes you are able to create much nicer and modern looking slides.

Try cropping images into circles rather than traditional rectangles and see what results you get.

10. Using Guides

Consistency is crucial in any good design.

Using Guides will help you align content and keep things consistent throughout.

Further Presentation Support

If you’d like to know more about these features and improve the way your business presents, then get in touch with us about our virtual and in-person PowerPoint Training.

In a short space of time you’ll learn how to optimise your use of PowerPoint and build great looking slides.

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