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December 13, 2022

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The Quick Access Toolbar

If you are looking to save time in PowerPoint then this is something you’ll find extremely beneficial. 

The Quick Access Toolbar helps you to create your own custom menu of buttons and features that you use regularly. It can be edited and added to at any whenever you need, and it saves you having to trudge through the multitude of menu items and drop downs each time.

Creating your own Quick Access Toolbar is so simple that you’ll kick yourself for not already knowing about this. Here’s what you need to do:


Quick Access Toolbar

Step 1

Think of a button or feature you use all the time. For example the “New Slide’ button.

Go to that button in the PowerPoint Ribbon, hover over it and right click.

Select the option that says ‘Add to Quick-Access Toolbar’.

PowerPoint align menu

Step 2

Simply repeat the process for as many buttons and features as you need. 

We’d suggest right clicking on items such as Insert text, Insert shapes, Insert images, the Align menu, and so on.

Step 3

You will notice all of the QAT menu items appearing at the very top of your PowerPoint software.

If you prefer to have them below the main Ribbon menu (as we do) just follow these steps:

Go to File>Options

Select Quick Access Toolbar on the left

Select the Toolbar Position drop down and then choose Below Ribbon

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This simple feature will save you so much time, so please, if you found it useful share it with your teams and colleagues and direct them to our blog for more PowerPoint tips and tricks.



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