Using AI Imagery In PowerPoint

October 12, 2023

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Have you heard of Mid Journey?

Mid Journey is just one of the many AI Image generators you can access online. You are able to use it for free initially but will then have to pay to generate more images when you get going.

Here at The Prezenter we’ve been using it extensively and trying to hone our skills in it as much as possible. So how does it work?

Put simply, you tell the system what you want to see, and it then generates different versions for you to choose from. You start your prompt by typing /imagine and then enter all of the criteria you want.

You can see in the image below the exact prompt we used to create the inside of a futuristic looking electric car. This was an image we needed for a recent PowerPoint design which you can also see at the bottom of this post.


That brief explanation of Mid Journey doesn’t do it justice at all. You can deep dive into so many different prompts and even start to specify camera angles, art styles, types of camera, lighting effects, and so much more.

We warn you now. It’s extremely addictive and you’ll lose hours making images.

Now add some PowerPoint magic!

The electric car interior formed the basis of a presentation we did for a client recently. They were going to be on stage at an even with over 400 audience members and needed maximum wow factor.

Once Mid Journey had generated the image we needed, one of our team then took it into Adobe Photoshop to fine tune a few elements such as the digital dashboard, and we also cut the image into individual elements.

We then took all of these elements into PowerPoint, reconstructed the car interior, sprinkled in some simple animation and Morph transitions, and the result was out of this world.

Below is a sped up demo of the PowerPoint presentation.

The feedback we’ve recieved from our clients was incredible. 

Having this epic design not only filled them with confidence when they hit the main stage, but it wowed the audience and kept everyone engaged throughout the whole talk.

Need a presentation designer?

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