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Master the amazing new features of PowerPoint

Do you appreciate the hidden potential of PowerPoint?

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Or so we thought until Microsoft released Office 365 with a fantastic update to PowerPoint.

In our PowerPoint training we explore how to optimise your usage of PowerPoint, and deep dive into some of the amazing new features.

What you'll learn

Our PowerPoint training

1. Optimise usage

PowerPoint is a vast tool with hundreds of great features, but sometimes all these features can get in the way of you using PowerPoint quickly and getting good results. 

In this part of the training we explore how to make simple changes that really speed up your use of PowerPoint.

2. Better looking slides

In this section we look at what makes a good slide. You’ll learn simple design best practice, gain advice on layout and alignment, plus a focus on how to make more impactful messages for all presentations.

3. The Morph feature

The Morph feature can be used to create movement throughout your presentation with the click of a button. Once you understand this feature you’ll be blown away by the potential it opens up for your presentation builds.

4. The Zoom feature

It’s now easier than ever to create conversational (zoomable) presentations with PowerPoint.

In this section we show you how to create an interactive presentation that can be used to navigate to the most meaningful pieces of content for your audience.

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As PowerPoint and its different usage can be very broad, we are able to create bespoke training upon request that fits the needs of your team.

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