Presentation Skills Training

Advance your presentation and public speaking skills

public speaking

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Training objectives

This specially devised workshop will help attendees to:

1. Develop a style

Develop a natural presentation style with added confidence and impact.

2. Matching verbal and visual

Ensure that verbal dialogue matches well with excellent slide contact.

3. Create engagement

Practice delivering presentation and speeches that create strong engagement and influence.

4. Engage senior audiences

Develop communication styles to help engage senior international audiences (small and large).

Recommended Programme

Two-day face to face workshop – for up to 8 participants
(Please inquire about our virtual training options)

Day one - 9:30am-5pm

  • Practice session looking at how to make a presentation memorable
  • Benchmarking and individual learning objective
  • Advice for delivering confidently in face to face and virtual scenarios
  • Refresher session on planning and structure
  • Making presentations engaging & getting critical & influential messages across
  • Making the verbal structure fit with existing slide decks
  • Creating impact through story telling and personal delivery – the influencing process
  • Tips as required on personal delivery skills (voice, tone, pace, eye contact, gestures….)
  • Case study preparation for day two in two teams

Day two - 9am-4.30pm

  • Warm up practice session
  • Delivery of each teams presentation – video recording and feedback
  • Tips around delivery enhancements, team dynamics and handling questions
  • Individual work related practice session with feedback for each presenter from the whole group