360 video showreel

December 18, 2017

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For a while now we’ve seen Virtual Reality headsets popping up from big names such as Samsung, Sony, and even Facebook paid $2bn for the startup company Oculus back in 2014.
If you’re a gamer then we are sure you are seeing the benefits of this great technology, but for most of us in the business world the promise of VR revolutionising our jobs is yet to be seen. We’re sure its coming but when?
VR and 360 videos has been on our radar here at The Prezenter for a while. To help all of our followers understand how they might be able to utilise this great way of communicating within their own brands and businesses we have created our 2017 design showreel as a 360 video (see below).
If you’re reading this blog on a laptop then just hit the play button and then drag around on the video to view the entire 360 environment. There’s also audio as well to help. However, if you want the full experience then go find yourself a VR headset that you can slot a mobile phone into (some links for these below the video) and enjoy!

We hope you found that enjoyable. Now imagine your next company presentation as a 360 video. If you’re presenting to 100+ people then its obviously not the right medium to use, but if you have a stand at a conference or event then having a few VR headsets that people can put on to explore your company is an extremely innovative and engaging way to communicate.
Here are some links to very inexpensive headsets we like:

If you’d like a demonstration of whats possible for you and your business with 360 video then please get in touch with us today.

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