The FOUR C awakens

Russell Anderson-Williams. Founder of The Prezenter

Happy New Year from myself and the team here at The Prezenter.

I wanted to share with you what our focus is for 2018 and how I’m on a personal mission to rid the galaxy of evil presentations!

As anyone who will let me ramble on to them knows, presenting is my absolute passion and nothing upsets me more than knowing that someone has a great idea or product that gets let down by bad presenting skills, terrible looking slides, and zero story. Oh, and don’t even get me started on bullet points!

Whilst we do have an incredible team of presentation designers here at The Prezenter lets be honest, great presentations aren’t just about fancy slides and making things look prettier than your competitors sales deck. A great presentation is remembered for its great content, the great way it is presented, and its great visuals or innovative use of presentation tech.

This year I’m letting everyone in on my own approach to planning, designing, and delivering presentations. It’s an approach I’ve used for over 10 years and is a sure fire way to create and deliver a winning presentation.

I call it the FOUR C.

A new hope

The FOUR C approach covers everything you need to become a presentation master. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at or how many years you’ve been presenting this simple four step process will mean every idea you need to share, or sales pitch you need to win, will be engaging and memorable. Plus you’ll also have the skills and confidence to deliver it in an authentic way that doesn’t feel forced or fake.

My hope is that by having our amazing design team continue to build award winning presentations, and by introducing as many people as we can to the FOUR C, we will have an even bigger impact on the state of presentations.

How to embrace the FOUR C

Throughout 2018 we will be running Webinars, Online training, Onsite training (by request), and 2 day open workshops, all with a focus on helping people understand how to use this simple method and deliver better presentations.┬áMake sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook as we’ll be posting lots of dates for these events. Also sign up to our Newsletter for regular info and presentation tips from me and our team.

For now here are the first few Webinar dates which I hope to see you all at:

Wed, Jan 17 3-3:45pm GMT
Wed, Jan 31 3-3:45pm GMT
Wed, Feb 7 3-3:45pm GMT
Wed, Feb 21 3-3:45pm GMT

And if you’re already keen to use the full power of the FOUR C then here are some links to our online training:

Thur, Feb 22 3-4:30pm GMT
Thur, Mar 1 3-4:30pm GMT
Thur, May 10 3-4:30pm GMT
Thur, May 24 3-4:30pm GMT

And if you’d like me to visit your business and help everyone there embrace the FOUR C then just get in touch with me on

I hope you decide to join us in creating a rebellion against bad presentations.

May the FOUR C be with you.