Free training – How to present with confidence

December 4, 2023

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How to access our free training

This free online training has been created in 4 short parts and each is no longer than 15 minutes.

Just click on the links below to access each session.

Part 1 - Understanding your audience

One of the most overlooked areas of building an effective presentation is the audience. Do you really know who it is you’re presenting to? In part 1 you’ll learn why every presentation design should start with a little investigation into who it is you’re presenting to.

Part 2 - Engaging delivery techniques

It’s one thing to have a fantastic looking PowerPoint deck but great visuals aren’t the only way to engage your audience. In part 2 you’ll learn a few simple techniques to grab attention and make your content more memorable.

Part 3 - Overcoming nerves

Delivering presentations is a scary thing to do no matter how experienced you might be. In part 3 you’ll learn two simple techniques to help calm those butterflies and turn you into a confident speaker.

Part 4 - Effective use of technology

Sometimes technology can feel like a burden rather than enhancing your presentation. In part 4 you’ll learn how less is always more when it comes to tech, and how to avoid technical hitches.

Want to improve your company presentations?

Check out our expert presentation design services, or inquire about training for your team. Use the contact form below and we’ll respond straight away.

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