NOT the best Prezi presentation ever!

October 2, 2018

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We feel like it’s time to address something that has bothered us for quite some time. We need to caveat this post by saying that we aren’t trying to offend anyone and that whoever is responsible for the Prezi below obviously had good intentions at heart. But…..and it’s a BIG but, the title of the YouTube video below (The best Prezi presentation ever!) is extremely misleading. Mainly because it isn’t 😬
Now, we know what you’re all thinking…”They’re just jealous because they didn’t make it”.
Well before you go too far with that thought just take a look at the recording of the Prezi in question below👇👇👇👇👇

So now that you know what we are talking about we hope that it’s obvious to see how the cleverly titled video is really just click bate for those interested in using Prezi, and definitely is not the best Prezi ever.
Yes, we are completely jealous that this video has had over 4 Million views. But at the same time, that means it has potentially lead 4 plus Million people into thinking that this is what a good (the best) Prezi should look like.
There are a lot of holes we could pick in this presentation but the main thing is that it completely overuses the zoom and rotation effect which as we all know leads to one thing, 🤮Death by Prezi. If you’d like to hear more about that then check out our founder Russell’s presentation on how to avoid death by Prezi.
So if you ever overhear people in your office saying ‘let’s look into using Prezi’, and then that hideous music starts playing through one of their laptops, please slam it shut immediately and tell them not to look.
You could get them to check out our portfolio instead 😉

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