Proud to be Prezi Experts

June 5, 2018

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Proud to be Prezi Experts

Prezi recently turned 10 years old, and we got all nostalgic thinking about the amazing journey that our presentation design and training agency has been on, alongside the great team at Prezi. We are so proud to be one of Prezi’s longest lasting official experts, and here’s why we don’t feel guilty for boasting about that expert status.
2009 – Our company founder Russell had worked as a presenter and training consultant for nearly 10 years. PowerPoint was the only real tool available for building presentation visuals, but Russell luckily spotted a wonderful new tool called Prezi. It looked way more creative and completely different to the slide approach of PowerPoint. Russell being Russell jumped on the early adopter’s bandwagon and instantly fell in love!

Russell Anderson-Williams – Founder of The Prezenter Ltd
“I remember the very first call I had from a company that wanted me to train their entire sales team to use Prezi. I finished the call and couldn’t believe someone wanted to pay me for something I had such an interest and passion for. It still blows me away 8 years later!” Russell Anderson-Williams – Founder of The Prezenter Ltd

2010 – Russell started a small blog ( aimed at Prezi users. It featured tips and advice from Russell’s own experience of using it within the business he worked for. Later that year he entered a Prezi competition to win an iPad 2 for the best Prezi design. Even though his design was clearly the best (he told me to write that!) he didn’t win but was one of the runners-up and his design got a lot of exposure. Unfortunately, he refuses to share that original design as it’s too embarrassing for him when compared to the amazing work our team creates, Lol.
The win for Russell though, was that he added his contact details to the Prezi design he entered into the competition, and unsurprisingly his phone started to ring with Prezi design and training inquiries.
2011 – Russell’s Prezi blog continued to grow in popularity and was spotted by a publishing company looking to feature a book about using Prezi for business presentations. Russell was invited to partner with Pact Publishing and write one of the very first Prezi for business books available on the market. There are now 2 editions available on Amazon and of course, that meant more exposure for Russell and the work he was doing with Prezi.
Since the competition, Russell started building a great relationship with the guys at Prezi in Budapest, but the growth of the blog and the news of this new book really set him apart from other early adopters.
2012 – With inquiries for design and training showing no sign of slowing down, Russell took the brave step of quitting his full-time job and employing his first designer. It was also around this time that the official Prezi Experts program was created by the team at Prezi. The birth of the expert’s program was Prezi’s way of recognising the fantastic talent and skills that Russell had been openly sharing with all Prezi users. Once again it also helped The Prezenter gain even wider recognition as the best Prezi users around.
Prezi Expert
It’s worth pointing out that not anyone can become an official expert. There is a lengthy application process and most designers don’t make the cut. Even if you don’t work with us, please make sure the designer you use has the official Prezi expert title and is featured on the Prezi site.

2013 to Present – The team grew really quickly, and we gained some amazing clients such as Amazon, Chelsea FC, and many more. The Prezenter has now grown to 6 full-time staff and most have been with the company for several years. Our relationship with Prezi is fantastic and we regularly have calls and meetings with their teams to collaborate on useful content and to discuss upcoming new Prezi features.
A lot has changed since the early day of Russell using Prezi just for his own presentations, but that passion and excitement for presenting in a more engaging and memorable way that Russell felt back in 2009 still runs through the veins of our company today. We’d love to share that enthusiasm with you, so please reach out to us for any support or expertise you might need.
The whole Prezenter Team

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