Don’t be a deck!

One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting a new presentation is that they start by opening PowerPoint.

It’s what we call a bit of a deck move!

Your presentation is more than a PowerPoint deck. It is a piece of communication, and chances are that you are trying to achieve something with its delivery. Close that new business, win that new business, inspire that workforce, educate those students, whatever the objective might be your presentation is not just a series of rectangular slides you talk around.

In our new FOUR C approach to presenting we are introducing four tried and tested steps to becoming a presentation master. The very first step is all about where to start your presentations. We cover goal setting and messaging and we want everyone to get involved and start building presentations in this way.

So stop being a deck and register today for one of our webinars:

Wed, Jan 17 3-3:45pm GMT
Wed, Jan 31 3-3:45pm GMT
Wed, Feb 7 3-3:45pm GMT
Wed, Feb 21 3-3:45pm GMT

And if you’re already keen to use the full power of the FOUR C then here are some links to our online training where we cover everything in much more detail:

Thur, Feb 22 3-4:30pm GMT
Thur, Mar 1 3-4:30pm GMT
Thur, May 10 3-4:30pm GMT
Thur, May 24 3-4:30pm GMT

We hope to see you there, and sorry for calling you a deck earlier!