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July 24, 2017

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You might have guessed by now, but here at The Prezenter we LOVE Prezi. Our founder Russell fell in love with it when searching for a way to improve his own presentations, and since then (back in 2009) that love for presenting with Prezi has led us to grow a team of talented Prezi designers and help customers across the globe fall in love with Prezi as well.
If you’re going to be standing up in front of an audience there’s no doubt that a great Prezi design can give you a massive impact. But it doesn’t have to stop there! You can also use Prezi for a few other things as well. Below are some ideas on how you can get loads more usage out of your Prezi license.

Capture leads (Premium license holders only)

If you want another way to generate leads then the Premium license is definitely worth the investment. With this license type you’ll be able to post a Prezi online, share the link with sales prospects and request that they enter certain information in order to view it.
Here’s an example we use ourselves which is a Prezi about our business. Click the image below to view the Prezi.

Before you can view the Prezi you’ll be asked to enter your name and email address. This gives us a lead to work with (we’ll go easy on you!).
As well as receiving the viewers info you can also see exactly which parts of the presentation they viewed. That means before you contact them you have a good sense of what their needs might be.
We’ve had great success from this as a business and recommend you try to take advantage.

Create learning modules

Right now we are testing the new audio feature in Prezi Next. It was always there in the Classic version of Prezi but has taken a little while to transfer across into the new software.
We can assure you it works great and this means you can create presentations on a certain subject that people can navigate around on there own whilst also listening to a narrator. You might be familiar with this from the previous version of Prezi (Classic) and an example like the presentation below:

CPD presentations

Continual professional development (CDP) is extremely important. We’ve heard from lots of customers about how hard it is for managers and team members to visualise each CPD and make it more fun and engaging. Prezi can change that!
You can use any of the existing Prezi templates to create an employment timeline for an employee. Then share that presentation with them and collaborate on it to set goals, add media like video or PDF to back up development goals, and then of course present it back to senior managers when that promotion opportunity comes around.

Mind-Mapping ideas during meetings

Collaboration in Prezi has always been a key feature. Prezi Next still enables people to collaborate with your whole team, comment on each-others content, and work together in the same Prezi at the same time from anywhere in the world.
We use this in meetings with our own customers by connecting up to a projector or widescreen tv, mapping out everything being discussed, and then sharing that with the customers during or after the presentation. It works brilliantly.

Touch screen presentations

Prezi Next is built with conversational presenting in mind. That means it’s whole structure is geared towards easy navigation for presenters and audience members. You can very easily create a Prezi Next presentation and display it on a touch screen at events and conferences. Take a look at this example from Verifone:

Your own resume (Prezume)

We know of several people that used Prezi to present their resume at job interviews and each one got offered the job. We obviously cant say it was all down to the Prezi but we do know that in each case the audience was really impressed with a fresh innovative approach. Could that have been the extra push needed for them to be chosen over other applicants? we think so.

Walk before you run!

Hopefully you can see the scope of what Prezi could be used for, and if you’re keen to get the basics under your belt we have a fantastic online course for beginners. You’ll get to work with our Founder Russell Anderson-Williams and explore every Prezi feature as well as focus on the mind-set needed to become a real master. Click here to sign up now and receive 50{0106baaaa8600498575ad431aa642880bb5c0c89b7277e6a8411bde3837afeb1} off.

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