Collaboration is key.

March 8, 2017

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The greatest part of my job as an official Prezi Expert is delivering training and teaching new users. Just recently I worked with three new Prezi users from the same company, and during the training they were able to take full advantage of Prezi’s collaboration feature. I wanted to share what they did as this Prezi feature doesn’t get the exposure it deserves.
In the image below you can see a great looking Prezi design which they are all editing at the same time. The small square characters indicate each users position in the Prezi.
Prezi collaboration
Here you can see a zoomed in view of two different sections within the presentation. Nancy is working in the ‘Our Team’ section whilst Jo and Nicola work in the ‘Sectors’ section below.
Prezzie presentations
I was able to capture these images because I was also logged into the presentation as well.
presentation design
The benefits of being able to collaborate like this in real time are immense. Time saving, meeting tight deadlines, proof reading, remote working, the list goes on. How many times have you worked on a PowerPoint deck with colleagues and always wondered who has the latest version of the file!
All of this was made possible through Prezi’s easy to use Sharing & Security options. One person sets up the Prezi, then clicks on the Share button to invite co-workers into it. You simply add the email address of people you want to collaborate with, make them an editor, all jump on a call together for maximum collaboration, and away you go.
Better presentations, built faster, with less hassle, and impressive results.
Why aren’t you using Prezi yet?

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