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May 2, 2017

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Since the launch of Prezi Next we have had a lot of people contacting us worried that the beauty and magic of Prezi designs they have seen in the past will be lost. As a design and training agency that focuses on Prezi, here is our perspective on things.

The mind-set shift

For many years now our founder Russell has taught people how to shift their mindset from PowerPoint to Prezi. For some people that has always been the biggest hurdle to overcome when trying to get to grips with the tool itself. Fortunately Russell has a unique way of teaching this and thousands of people now benefit from being accomplished Prezi users.
With the introduction of this latest version there is yet another mind-set shift that people will need to try and adopt. That of a conversational presenter at times, rather than following a scripted linear flow (as is the norm).
Presenting in the traditional linear way is still possible but the world is changing, and Prezi is giving presenters a tool that enables them to shift the focus of their presentation in response to their time poor audience members.
WHAT IT MEANS FOR PREZI DESIGN: In general that simply means we need to create flexible layouts that enable presenters to navigate their content with ease. A huge benefit for both presenters and audiences!
Here is an example of how a Prezi Next layout might look for a shoe company. Click the image to view the presentation:
Prezi next Layout

Those crazy zooms

Ever viewed a Prezi and then felt a little dizzy? You’re not alone. This is what we call Death by Prezi and it’s caused by presenters who have built their entire presentation thinking that constant huge zooms in and out are a great idea! If you’ve attended any of Russell’s training you’ll know this is bad practice.
Prezi Next manages to give users a lot of freedom whilst also offering a more structured approach to designing. It does this by using some fantastic templates which you can see below, and also by using a new structure called Planets and Stacks. Think of these as the old Frames and Path points from Prezi Classic, or as Slides for the uninitiated.
Prezi Design
WHAT IT MEANS FOR PREZI DESIGN: For a while experienced Prezi users might feel restricted by the structure being offered, but once you realise the benefits and potential of Prezi Next you soon realise it’s actually a good thing. The best thing about this is that we should see a lot less Death by Prezi.

More informed presenters

For years now we have all been spending hours and even days designing and delivering presentations without a solid way to track results. One of the biggest benefits of using Prezi Next is the ability to upgrade and view analytics. You can see exactly who has viewed your Prezi online and what areas they have spent the most time in.
Prezi analytics
WHAT IT MEANS FOR PREZI DESIGN: For Prezi designers this means the design doesn’t end with the first draft. We will be able to constantly refine the design of a Prezi based on real data. If one area is being view more than others we can expand it further, and likewise if an area is getting zero views we can take it out of the presentation all together.

Prezi Next in a nutshell

In short, Prezi Next is going to require a slight mindset shift for designers. It’s definitely not a giant leap but of course nobody likes change so expect your creative brain to do some resisting at first. Once over that hurdle you’ll find yourself, and your audiences being even more in tune with one another through the use of a very natural conversational style. And a presentation design is no longer going to end just because you got up on stage and presented, because now you can keep fine tuning your message based on live analytics.
Once again Prezi has moved us all into where we should be. Telling better stories, engaging audiences more, and learning as we do it.
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