Introducing Prezi Next

April 25, 2017

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For nearly a decade now Prezi has grown in popularity, and helped presenters like myself deliver more engaging and memorable experiences to our audiences. As Prezi gained more users over the years it has done a great job at listening to feedback and adapting its software to meet the needs of the masses. There are now 75 Million users and counting. That’s a crazy amount of potential audience members all engaged a lot more than when viewing slides, and benefiting from great Prezi designs.
But with such success where does Prezi go from here?

Introducing Prezi Next

Prezi has been busy working away on it’s brand new software which they are calling Prezi Next. I’ll go into some more detail below, but here’s the short description I like to use:
Design Prezi NextPrezi Next is a non-Flash based version of Prezi that makes conversational presenting even easier than in previous versions. 
I will always put a big emphasis on the conversational presenting element of Prezi Next because this is definitely an area that myself and the team at Prezi feel extremely passionate about. More on that below.

Why Next, why now?

The existing version of Prezi (now called Prezi Classic) has always been based on Flash. Without getting technical here Flash is a technology that for its time was great, but has rapidly started to lose fans due to it slowing down laptops, killing battery life, and being impossible to use on smart phones. More details can be found here.
As well as the technology side of things Prezi has started to carve out a niche for itself in the conversational presenting space. Building Prezi designs that allowed presenters to navigate around in any direction has always been possible with the classic version, but after a few months of using Prezi Next myself it feels like the whole software is really geared towards this. Conversational Prezi’s are easier to create, and definitely much easier to navigate on laptops and on devices. You can present in a linear way if you want, but the software is definitely more balanced towards this conversational style which the elite few of you will know can help win business, save you time, and raise audience engagement levels through the roof.

What is conversational presenting?

Here’s an explanation taken from our online course on how to build conversational Prezi designs in the classic version (Next course coming soon):

I like to think of it as presenting for the modern age. The age where we are all time poor, our attention spans are nearly zero seconds, we need to be engaged, and we need the content important to us as fast as possible.


There’s also analytics

If like me you enjoy posting your presentations up online for others to see, you can now also benefit from live analytics that show you how many views you’ve had and which pages they spent the most time on.
Prezi analytics
You can also request that online viewers submit a name and email address if you want to collect even more data. This is really powerful for all presenters but in particular sales professionals.

A Prezi Next example

Here’s an example of my own Prezi Next design that I’ve used in front of new prospects over the last few weeks. It’s a company overview of our business that allows me to flow in conversation with anyone whilst also showing visuals to back things up. It’s actually won me some new business recently and makes for a very different (but great) presentation experience for presenter and audience member.


Learn more in our Prezi Next beginners course.

Everything you need to know in one place. Click here to get started.
Please feel free to reach out to me or my team and ask about Prezi Next, or our design and training services on [email protected]

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