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Delivering the best training since 2009

Our founder Russell was one of the first people globally to offer beginner and advanced Prezi training. 

After more than 10 years teaching people how to master the Prezi tool he still delivers all of our training today and every session is just as informative and fun as it was when he started back in 2009.

Russell and The Prezenter team are also Diamond level Prezi experts. This certification was awarded to us for all of the great work we have done to train and educate Prezi users.

If you want your team to be taught by the very best, you won’t be disappointed.

Prezi training

What you'll learn

Our approach to Prezi training

1. The Prezi mindset

Before diving into the Prezi software it is important to understand and embrace a new way of presenting. We help you understand how to think beyond slides in order to create the best presentation possible.

2. Prezi planning

As with any presentation tool we highly recommend a good level of planning first. This can help you save time in the long run, and make your Prezi build much easier. We will show you how our team plans all of their amazing Prezi designs.

3. Prezi structure

In Prezi there are no slides. This can be a daunting prospect for new users, so in this section we will help you understand the two types of structures available and how to implement them.

4. Inserting media

Being able to insert imagery, video, text, and other media is crucial for all presenters. In this part of the training we take you through all of the available options for inserting content, and share lots of tips and tricks along the way.

5. Sharing and collaborating

Once your Prezi is built, you will want to share it online with people or maybe ask colleagues to collaborate with you in the design stages. All of this is made very easy with the Prezi sharing options that we explore here.

6. Presenting your Prezi

Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to present to the other training attendees on the day (unless you want to), but here we share lots of useful tips on how best to present a Prezi. This includes presenting in a conversational way rather than the traditional linear flowing presentation.

“As usual, a very enjoyable and informative session with Russell on Prezi, it was pitched at just the right level and pace and I left feeling inspired to start creating my own!”
Best Prezi Training
Sandy Wilson

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We have 3 hours of ready made training that’s guaranteed to take your from total novice to confident Prezi beginner.

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