My Favourite Prezi Next Features

May 19, 2017

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So here we are, Prezi has changed for the better.
My name is Josh and I’m a Prezi Designer here at The Prezenter. I’ve proudly worked on a variety of Prezi design projects, which have also won a couple of awards. For me, Prezi is unique in its approach and as a designer it opens a whole world of creativity.
I would tell you more about myself and my fondness for Prezi, but this blog isn’t about me! No, this blog is all about Prezi Next and a few of its fantastic features. So here you go:
1. A boost for conversational presenting
Prezi next, gives you the option to ask the audience “what would you like to know about next?” This is a great way of presenting and keeps the audience’s attention. Personally, I found designing a conversational, Prezi presentation a bit of a headache in Prezi Classic, but now with the ‘add topic’ feature, presenting & designing a Prezi is a breeze!
Add topic
Within this feature there two topic types; planet and stack. Both options are perfect for an engaging presentation, but my favourite is planet. Why is this my favourite? Well the layout of this option is perfect for conversational presenting.
The sub sections on the side compliments the main section and again, makes the audience engaged and gives the presenter the opportunity to ask the question “what would you like to know about next?”
Sub topic

Previously, in Prezi Classic there was no option to add comments and as a designer trying to getting customer feedback could at times be a bit of long winded experience. However, now with the ‘add comments’ feature you can share your Prezi with a client/ colleague and they can simply leave their feedback.
3. Fading out content
This may seem like a pretty bog standard feature. I’ve had countless conversations with clients asking about fading out content when using Prezi Classic, and the feature wasn’t available until now. The best way of making this happen in Classic would be to overlay the existing image over the top of another image, to give the illusion of fading out content. Which in turn, made some Prezi’s difficult to edit!
But now with Prezi Next, this is a much simpler process. With the animations feature you can now select from the drop-down menu ‘fadeout’! For me, this was revolutionary and a fantastic new feature… Thank you Prezi!
Whilst this is a big change for Prezi, I see this as an improved step in the right direction. It’s a more simplistic way of designing a Prezi and an engaging way of presenting.
Prezi next and it’s features will improve the way you present and from a designers perspective, boost your creativity to design beautiful and meaningful presentations.

You can learn how to master Prezi Next in our full online course here.


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