Introducing your staff to Prezi

November 2, 2012

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online trainingIf you prefer to have one of our Prezi experts onsite at your business we can provide classroom style training thats tailored to your needs. This means one of our experts can be there with you and your staff to keep everyone focused for the entire day. You’ll be encouraged to use the Prezi tool throughout the training, and will even build a brand new Prezi of your own to prezent to your colleagues.
As well as learning how to use and think for Prezi, we will also give you some very useful tips on how to prezent. We’ll show you how to avoid Death by Prezi, and also get you thinking about how your prezentations would work when presented in a non-linear way.
A full day of Prezi training is a great way for your staff to practice with the software and share ideas without any distraction. There’s a lot to learn so having an expert on site is extremely useful.

Email [email protected] for a full quote and details of the day.

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