February 7, 2017

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If you have been using Prezi for a while now you’ll know that we use Frames to create the flow of our presentation. You’ll also know that it can be really tricky to adjust your frames position without moving all of the content at the same time.
In our Prezi training workshops I see lots of new and experienced users getting frustrated at having to delete frames and then add new ones again just because their audiences view of the content isn’t quite how they want it when presenting. (You can see exactly what I mean in the YouTube video below)
There is a TOP SECRET fix for this, and I’ve no idea why Prezi keeps it so under raps!

The ALT Key

If you’ve dropped your Frame in the wrong position and need to make slight adjustments (without the content moving) just hold down the ALT key on your keyboard before you select the frame. This simple action will unlock the frame from the content it holds inside. You are then free to move and adjust the frame as you wish. All of the content will stay in position so you can focus on giving your audience the best view possible.


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