Prezi Update 2024

April 2, 2024

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What's new in Prezi?

It’s been a while since we’ve given an update on the presentation tool Prezi, and in this article we want to explain the good and the bad based on new updates to the software that we’ve seen over the last twelve months.

Let’s start with the positives.

The Good.

1. Create with AI.

It’s now possible to start a new Prezi presentation using AI.

The presentation purists in our agency (which is all of us) aren’t keen on the fact you can get AI to kickstart your new Prezi, but after a few tests of this feature we can see that it’s definitely going to help get people started. New users will probably enjoy this feature the most if they aren’t yet familiar with the Prezi platform.

2. Frames are back.

In the main interface that runs along the top of Prezi we can now see a Frames option (see image below). This means you can now drop a frame over an image or graphic and Prezi will zoom into that area during your presentation.

This is a real throwback to the original Prezi from 2009, and it used to be the only way you could create the flow of your presentation.

We were a bit skeptical as to why Prezi would bring back this way of working, especially as it had developed a much better system for users to create the structure of their content. But after a few use cases, we’ve started to realise the benefits again.

3. A new way to navigate the Prezi Canvas

One thing that has always been tricky for Prezi users is navigating around a canvas that allows you to zoom in and out and also move in any direction. A lot of users would accidentally move content without realising, and it lead to a lot of unnecessary time wasted.

Now at the bottom of your Prezi canvas you’ll see an arrow and a hand icon that enable you to switch between selecting content (the arrow), and moving around the canvas (the hand).

And as a bonus, if you press the Spacebar you’ll quickly toggle between the two options.

This feature was long overdue and a big tick in the right direction.

The Bad.

1. Create with AI.

Yes this is the same (Good) point we started the article with, but we couldn’t leave it in the Good section without talking about the Bad points.

To be clear…WE💓AI TOOLS…and we use them a lot in our design process. But the inevitable problem we can see with millions of people asking AI to create their Prezi is that we will end up with lazy presenters who don’t give any thought whatsoever to their content structure, story, or core messaging.

One of the biggest problems in the presentation space is that people leave the creation of the visuals to the last minute. And if they rely on AI too much they’ll leave it even longer to create something.

And that’ll lead to the terrible-looking example (Yes generated by Prezi AI) that you can see below.

2. Two important buttons are hidden!

For some strange reason, the two most important buttons in Prezi are now completely hidden away under the More option.

For anyone who has attended our Prezi Training courses in the past, you will know that the Planet and Page topics are crucial in helping you create the structure and flow of your content.

It just doesn’t make any sense to hide these away from new users, and will lead to people creating Prezi presentations that only use Frames and feel very basic compared to what is possible with the topic buttons.

Prezi we hope you are listening. This really needs to change 🙏

3. It’s 2024 and still no circular crop tool

This has been a bugbear of ours for over a decade in Prezi, and it’s a little hard to understand how a presentation tool that has been around since 2009 and has a hundred million users can still only crop images in rectangles.

Prezi has always been a way of breaking out from the traditional rectangular slides in PowerPoint, and even a lot of Prezis templates use circles and other shapes. So why on earth can’t the team at Prezi develop a circular crop tool?

We are all baffled by this one, and we know it sounds so basic, but cropping images into circles or ovals would really help people create better-looking presentations.

4. Big lack of basic updates

We have used Prezi since 2009, and just like the point about cropping above it is really odd to us that many years later you still only have six basic shapes to use in the main menu.

Again, you might think this is a silly point, but having a bigger library of shapes will really help people create better-looking designs.

There also doesn’t seem to have been any update for years to the Charts or Story Block features in Prezi.

5. Another hidden button that’s soooo important

This is another one that we can’t believe is so hidden away.

When creating a new section of content and selecting it as we have done above, there are a series of options that appear. These are all useful but for some reason the ability to replace the Topic Cover with an image (like we have done using a blue fish) isn’t in the row of buttons.

Instead, to find this feature and make your Prezis look even better, you have to right-click and select the very long-winded ‘Advanced topic editing’ as you can see in the next image below.

This is again another feature that could dramatically improve the standard of Prezi presentations being created, so why hide it?


In Summary

There’s still a lot of good reasons to use Prezi, and we are receiving inquiries from companies wanting to switch their presentation process over to Prezi every week. However, there seems to be a real lack of understanding from the team at Prezi as to what will help its users create better presentations, and we see this with the features we have mentioned above that are hidden away from view.

There’s no doubt in our minds that making these small changes and updates could put Prezi back towards the top of the presentation tool offerings. But we’ve waited so long for so many basic features, it does leave us feeling very deflated as Prezi experts.

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