Presentations are dead ☠️

September 13, 2021

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Everyone wants to know how to use those fancy new Ppt features or how to master Prezi so that they can look more professional than their competitors at the next trade show, but there’s one key thing that most people are overlooking.

How you present is just as important as what you present.

What I mean by this is that you could quite easily spend lots of time (and budget) on the slickest looking PowerPoint deck anyone has ever seen, but if after 10 minutes the novelty of the shiny Ppt slides wears off then you start to see attention and engagement take a nosedive as well.

This is because we live in an on-demand world and nobody wants to be talked at for an hour without them being able to interact at all. Just asking your audience “Do you have any questions?” every few minutes isn’t enough engagement for people.

People want the information that matters to them, and they want it fast!

The old-school way of presenting slide after slide is over. If you want to improve your audience engagement, make them more memorable, sell more, educate with more impact, and so on, then you should really be presenting in a conversational way.

Conversational presentations start with you asking your audience “What would you like to focus on first?”.

Asking this simple question grabs your audience’s attention right from the start of your presentation. And if you have designed your presentation in the right way then you’ll be able to navigate directly to the relevant content with a simple click. Once you have covered the first area of interest you can move back to an overview of your presentation and ask “What would you like to focus on next?”.

If this sounds like a much-needed refreshing change for you and your company we would be more than happy to run a free demonstration to show you what is possible. Within 30 minutes you’ll be clear on all of the benefits this could bring your business, and how to implement it.

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