Uiversities UK

Prezi design

The Brief

How Universities in the UK spend their money was the focus of this presentation. We were tasked with turning this rather dry content into something extremely visual that would be presented to MP’s in Westminster.

In the presentation, you’ll see the use of great design, but also the flexibility for presenters to start from any area.

The Solution

We used a great illustrative style to help bring the data to life. In consulting with Universities UK we also realised that they would benefit from being able to start the presentation in any area, and then to navigate around freely. This is why we selected Prezi Next for the project. The main focus of the Prezi is one large Pie Chart which the user can click around in a conversational way. Once they have covered a chosen area the presentation brings them back to the start and a new area can be selected.

Conversational presenting at its best!

The Result

Great design and a simple user experience really help this presentation deliver the facts in a memorable way. You can see the Prezi itself in the video at the top of this page.

Our customer reported huge success with this design and we even went on to create a PowerPoint version for much wider use within the organisation.