Conversational Presenting with Prezi

April 4, 2016

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A lot of people ask me why they should use Prezi, and I normally respond with two answers. First of all Prezi can help people remember more of what they see, and secondly Prezi can help you present in a very different way. That second response is what we call conversational (or non-linear) presenting and it is without a doubt the most powerful way to engage with your audience members. Here is an example showing just how it can be done.

In the above clip I am using an iPhone 6s with the Prezi Viewer app installed. The Prezi being presented has had all of it’s content stripped out but you can see exactly where the content would sit in each click that i make to different sections.
Presenting in this way enables you to have a much more natural conversation with your audience. You can ask them where they would like to start, and what the focus of your time together should be. This is obviously a million times more powerful than moving through a bunch of slides in linear fashion!
I want to make a point here that there is no advanced trickery or special features being used. You can learn how build Prezi’s like this one in our online Prezi training course here.
You may also notice that the laptop screen behind me is moving along with my iPhone. This is because the Prezi app can also be used as a wireless clicker as well.
For more tips, and to become a real Prezi Master click here to get started.

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