Prezi tip for non-creatives

June 24, 2014

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You don’t have to be a designer!

Just recently one of our training attendees proved the point that you don’t have to be a designer to make amazing looking Prezi presentations. Take a look at what they created after just 4 hours in our beginners class.

I’m just not creative at all so be patient with me

That was the opening statement from Lizann when she walked into one of our training sessions recently. It is something that we hear a lot at the start of the day but our response to it has always been the same….

….you don’t need to be creative to make great Prezis.

Lizann (like every one else) didn’t believe us when we stated that to her and the rest of the class. She had seen Prezi being used by other people at events in the past and was so blown away with how engaging they were that she assumed the people creating them must have all been design gurus!

The secret ingredient

During training Lizann was really honest and admitted that the Prezi software itself was quite easy to use, but she was still thinking in a PowerPoint way and that was affecting the impact of her Prezi designs. Although they were good first attempts they were quite flat and linear in their design.
This is when we introduced her and the rest of the class to our 3 Prezi design steps.
1. Plan your Prezi
2. Get the flavour right
3. Build in layers
You can read about these in more detail here.

Ah I get this now!

Needless to say that was when the lightbulb moment happened for Lizann and the rest of the class. With this new knowledge we then tasked everyone to spend an hour creating a Prezi presentation on a subject of their choice. Lizann decided to build a Prezi that helped her explain the plot of the new X-Men movie. She followed the 3 Prezi design steps that we taught her and below is the Prezi she created………we suggest you take a look, it’s amazing!

If you would like more info on the 3 Prezi design steps email [email protected]

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