Presentation tip – Be a good host

September 15, 2015

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I’ve just returned from a long weekend away with some people who I love very dearly but are terrible hosts.
For 4 days I didn’t get asked a single time if I was thirsty and wanted a drink, if I was hungry and wanted a bite to eat, or even what I’d like to eat when feeding time came around!
Not only is this considered by most as just downright rude, but it means I’m definitely not in a rush to ever visit again and the whole time there I was pretty disengaged with the event of seeing my close family that I don’t get to visit that often.

Welcome to my presentation
How do you host your presentations?

Well it got me thinking if I’m a good host when people visit me, and not only socially but also in my Prezi Webinar and training events that I host most days.
Even though these events are classed as business meetings I should definitely pay attention more to my audiences comfort levels.

Have they eaten lately?
Are they refreshed?
Is the room we’re in a decent temperature?
Have they already had a busy day of meetings and presentations?

And so on.
I should also (as I normally do) try to make a good first impression and welcome them into my world in a polite and professional manner. Not like one of my relatives who after not seeing us for 9 months first words to me and my wife was “Stop, take your shoes off before you come in”.
Be the host with the most
So if you’re hosting any kind of presentation soon just take a minute to think about how people would like to be treated if they had travelled a long way to visit you in your home.
There are so many small and subtle things you can do and ask which will make all the difference. And the majority of these things are free.
Like my father always told me ‘Manners maketh man’, And good manners also make a great experience for your audience and probably one that they’ll want to tell friends and colleagues about and hopefully sit through again if invited.
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